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Christmas Sermon Outlines – Silence

As you study and prepare your Christmas Sermon Outlines, what sort of environment is around you? Are the kids running around? Is the television on? Maybe you have some music playing. I know for many of us we enjoy a little background noise. We believe that it calms us. I also know that there are many of these noise factors that we cannot do much about. For example, if you are a parent and camisa cristã  pressed for time, you may have to study at home and your kids are going to be there. But what about the things you can control? Do you really need all of that noise in your life?

In our world we have forgotten the beauty and power of silence? Think about it. When was the last time that you say in complete and total silence? You may not even be able to remember. Silence relaxes us. It also helps us to think clearly which can be very important as we prepare our Christmas Sermon Outlines.

Granted silence does not come easy anymore. There are so many external factors around us that are almost beyond our control. There is new technology everyday that keeps the noise right at everyone’s fingertips each and every moment. Our lives continue to get busier and busier. This does not mean that silence is unattainable though. It merely means that you have to be intentional about seeking it out.

Take some time to get away everyone once in a while. Maybe declare a no technology Monday. Communicate clearly to everyone that there will be a designated time during the week where you are not to be bothered. If you do this though be firm and stick to it. I believe if you do you will be amazed at what it does for your stress level and your preparation.

So as you prepare your Christmas Sermon Outlines, work hard to find a quiet place. Maybe even step away from them for a while and enjoy the beauty and power of silence.

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