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Epoxy Floor Coating For Your Warehouse

There are two primary types of warehouse floor coating that are used in industrial buildings: Epoxy and Elastomeric. These industrial facilities include airport terminals, automotive showrooms, facility maintenance plants and warehouses. Both epoxy and elastomeric floor coatings will provide a professional look to your facility, but epoxy tends to be the most popular – and for good reason. If you have ever been to an automotive showroom or facility maintenance plant and have noticed skidmarks or scuffing on the floor then it is apparent that the building manager did not choose an epoxy floor coating.

If you choose an epoxy floor coating for you warehouse, you won’t have to worry about floor scuffing, scraping or skidmarks showing up. An epoxy floor coating for your warehouse will make your floor able to endure the tough environments on which the wear and tear of your fleet of warehouse vehicles would normally damage the floor without epoxy coating. Epoxy can withstand even the heaviest of vehicle usage, including forklifts and other heavy warehouse equipment. Furthermore, epoxy floor coatings are durable enough to Epoxy floor coating resist chemicals, acid and abrasives that may be present in your warehouse. An epoxy floor coating can be installed easily, with minimal down time. The product is quick and simple to apply and will cure more quickly than elastomeric coatings.

It is imperative that the epoxy is mixed properly to ensure correct curing. Some epoxy coatings require a certain amount of time to be set aside between mixing and application, which is called induction time. Cleanup is easy when using epoxy floor coatings, so you won’t have to worry about damage from spills or accidents. One drawback to using an epoxy floor coating is that it can develop a yellowish hue during the curing process. If this happens, there is nothing you can do to correct the problem. You will need to install a new coat over the failed one. However, when epoxy floors cure properly, it will provide your warehouse with a clean, smooth and shiny finish, which will convey cleanliness to your clients and workforce, as well as a scrub-resistant surface that makes for easy cleaning.

The sturdy and appealing aesthetic is especially attractive in a warehouse setting. Once the epoxy floor coating is installed, you’ll notice the wonderful aesthetic appeal of the floor. It provides a great shine and its unmatched durability will enhance your warehouse environment. Your clients will see a professional and clean environment with a luster that outshines other industrial facilities and commercial buildings. Both epoxy and elastomeric floor coatings require careful preparation and application. Know how you want to use your warehouse space and take into account the amount of traffic, cleaning and environmental conditions to which the floor will be subjected. An epoxy covering will give your warehouse space a practical and attractive floor.

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