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Getting together a group of friends to play a pick-up game of soccer or football is easy. All you need is a few markers for goals or end zones and you’re in the clear. But what about a game like basketball? Is it possible to play basketball without nets?

Of course! Yardball is a game that combines parts of soccer, basketball, baseball, and any other sport you wish. There are a few variations of the game, but yardball is played following these general rules.

– Garbage cans are placed at the far ends basketball legends of the field for goals.
– Teams can be any size, but at least 3 is ideal. That way, you can have 1 person designated to protect the goal and 2 to run the opposition.
– Using your own designated equipment, get the ball into the opposing team’s trash bin.

Beyond these rules, you can keep yardball similar to basketball or change the game entirely. When playing with a basketball there is no dribbling if playing on grass, so players enforce a time limit on ball control, forcing teams to pass regularly. The rules can be closer to basketball when played on cement.

Common variations include:

– Goalies can use trash can lids to defend goal.

– Defenders use tennis rackets against the offense.

– Ball use: If using tennis, lacrosse, or baseballs, offense can use lacrosse sticks or baseball mitts for passing.

If you are playing with tools, you may not touch the ball with your hands. Only designated runners are able to physically catch the ball.

If you would like, the use of obstacles is common in the game. Yardball can be broken into halves, thirds, or quarters.

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