mprove My Golf Game in Less Than a Week and You Can Too

One of my ultimate goals in life is to improve my golf game. I understand that I will probably never be anywhere near as good as Tiger Woods, but I study his techniques just the same. In addition, I am also student of golf statistics and I try to use that data to improve my golf game. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it winds up being worthless trivia.

Did you know that most of the best scratch golfers in the world miss an average of six greens in any one round? That’s one in 3, perhaps it’s just me, but those numbers don’t sound that great to me.

But here’s the important part, they still get around a golf course in par or better. So how are they doing it?

It’s terribly simple; all of them have great short games. Choices Hack The way they play their shots on, or just off the green are the real key to shooting great scores and lowering your crucial handicap. So, let’s get down to the basic question. What do I need to do to become a better golfer and get the ball in that hole in fewer shots?

The short game is what I need to work on to improve my golf game. But clearly, you cannot excel with a putter if don’t work at it regularly. In most cases, the quality of your putting will be the determining factor in your scores. I think you’ll agree that it is easier to hit the ball a few feet into the hole than it is to judge a shot that is 100 yards away.

If, like me you are saying to yourself, I’d like to improve my golf game, you need to focus on your short game. The old saying is “Drive for show – Putt for dough.” And if you study the game like I do, you realize that’s absolutely true.

Now I really like to give the ball a good whack at the tee as much as the next guy, but you probably realize that it doesn’t always get the job done. The short game needn’t be tricky, it just requires a little mental adjustment, some practice, and a little insider knowledge.

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