Everything I Ever Needed to Know, I Learned From the Movies

Well, I picked up a few bits from family and solar movie  school, but the movies definitely filled in all the points that they missed. Movies can uplift, entertain, and above all, inspire. Here is a list of the movies that made me think (about things other than, “why did I pay $10.00 to watch this movie?”)

10. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

This is, in my opinion, the finest of Terry Gilliam’s many fine films. Gilliam’s adaptation of the fantastic tall tales of a bigger-than-life folk hero is a brightly-colored and fast-paced fantasy with little patience for realism. Baron Munchausen was a real, historical person, though the history probably had fewer violations of physics. This movie teaches us that while science can describe the world, only our imagination can give it purpose. That, and Uma Thurman makes a fantastic Venus, goddess of love.

9. Blade Runner

Think you’re too grown up for science-fiction action movies? Try this dark movie that gave modern cyberpunk fiction its distinctive color palette. Blade Runner is the highly thematic film adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s sci-fi psychological thriller “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.” A big-screen budget, along with such huge names as Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer, makes this movie popular, while the deeply probing questions it raises about identity and humanity make it a movie that changes the viewer forever.

8. Star Wars

Okay, so this movie franchise has been mortally over-hyped to the point that it’s easy to trivialize it. And maybe the most recent three movies didn’t live up to the expectations of the fans. But this space fantasy epic about a war against an evil empire in a far-away galaxy is really a window into the mind of George Lucas, and there’s a lot to see there. The underlying philosophy is a blend of the Eastern and Western religion and mythologies, with a healthy dose of Carl Jung for good measure.

7. Alien

Not all inspiration is bright and fluffy. Some movies can be deep looks into bad places. The classic sci-fi horror movie Alien did more than just show us that H.R. Giger’s monster designs can’t come from a sane mind. They also made us think about what scares us. Alien is a study in some of the most primal fears of mankind: isolation, darkness, spiders, and distrust. Few horror movies have even had the kind of concentrated focus that this one did.

6. Schindler’s List

This controversial movie about the work that German industrialist did in Nazi Germany to save the lives of concentration camp prisoners showed us that Steven Spielberg can do more than science fiction. It’s been criticized as overly sentimental, but whatever it does, it shows the viewer that no matter the social climate, some people will always fight to protect the weak.

My Favorite Movie Director

he opinions of movie fans will vary from person to person as to who is the greatest movie director of all time. There is a lot to be said afdah movie   for James Ford by Western Movie fans. Further, to suspense movie fans Alfred Hitchcock is the greatest, but to science fiction movie fans, perhaps George Lucas is the greatest. For others George Cukor will be the best, to art film fans perhaps Akira Kurosawa or Ingmaar Bergman is the greatest.

All these directors were confined to only one or two varieties. Further, none of the other directors have ventured in the realm of TV serial making in a significant manner.

Steven Spielberg work has encompassed all types of movies, from science fiction, adventure, war, horror,comedy, even TV serials. Consider his movies in the Indiana Jones series, the four movies in the series have created box office records in their time, they were regarded as path breaking movies and are great entertainers to boot. The series has been deservedly voted amongst the top five action movies of all time.

His very first venture as director was Jaws, the movie, based on a bestselling novel by Peter Benchley was a classic horror story and broke the records for box` office collections when it was released, it also spun of a `large number of copycat movies which wanted to encash on the original movie theme.

His movie Jurassic` Park which used then newly developed digital technology to generate dinosau rs digitally, was the path breaking movie of its time and broke all records when it was first released. Subsequently other movies in the series also did respectable business.

He also directed Saving Private Ryan, which has been voted as the best war movie, adding another feather to his cap.It has deservedly won numerous awards,and has outstanding performances by Tom Hanks and Matt Dillon. His TV series Band Of Brothers is based on the second world War and is another outstanding contribution to the world of entertainment by the great director.

His movie Schindler’s Ark which was awarded an Oscar is also another great movie with the theme persecution of Jews by the Nazis and their subsequent liberation by Oscar Schindler, a German indusrialist.

His movie Munich based on the retribution by Israelis for the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes by Arab terrorists explores the themes of retribution, forgiveness, compassion for one’s enemies and has been one of his more thoughtful movies.

His movie The Color Purple on the negro experience in America is one of the finest films ever, it is inexplicable as to why it was not awarded an Oscar.

Movie Scheduling: Method To The Madness

So how do certain movies end up on certain weekends? There is an art and a science to the scheduling of approximately 150 wide-releases each year. This is the first in an occasional look at the scheduling of movies — yesmovies freepart background, part history, part explanation, and a dose of skepticism and critique.

This weekend is a perfect example of movie scheduling in North America. Three movies open on April 1 from three different studios representing three different genres and audience segments. Universal’s Hop (a comedy with a mix of animation and live action) goes after the kid and family audience, while adults are targeted by Summit’s sci-fi thriller Source Code and horror fans are the bulls-eye for newcomer FilmDistrict’s Insidious.

Launching a wide-release movie is an expensive proposition, usually around $50 million in marketing costs. With each new release, studio prestige is on the line, careers are at stake in front of and behind the camera, and most of all, studio marketing and distribution departments need to maximize the return on investment of a film that cost $50-150 million to produce (in most cases but sometime more, sometimes less). With all that in mind, the same studio does not release two movies against each other the same weekend, and even more important, each studio assiduously avoids releasing one genre against a similar genre from another studio.

It’s really quite simple at its core. Why launch a big action movie the same weekend as another studio’s big action movie? The same goes for animation, serious dramas, horror, or any genre one can name. Why, a studio executive would ask, would we be dumb enough to split the audience of a particular genre if we don’t have to? The executive might continue, it’s not like we are as dumb as the TV guys who routinely schedule similar shows against each other. Touché, Mr. Movie Executive. We’ll leave that for another column.

When three different genres open against each other, the industry maximizes the chance that each one could succeed and avoids the likelihood of mutually assured destruction.

So how did Hop end up on April 1? First, its theme naturally places it near Easter. Since Easter is late this year, that puts the movie somewhere in April. Next, DreamWorks has had great success launching family films this time of year (How to Train Your Dragon opened 3.26.2010 with $44 million and Monsters vs Aliens opened 3.27.2009 with $59 million), but that studio did not repeat this strategy, providing an opening for Universal. Next, this weekend two years ago was extremely lucky for Universal, which shocked everyone by opening Fast & Furious with $71 million on 4.3.2009. Don’t underestimate the power of precedent and patterns. And then there’s the upcoming Fox release of the animated Rio, as Mitch Salem notes in his Hop review.

The next element of movie scheduling is a game of chicken. If a studio wants a particular date, they can test the waters to see if a competitor will come after them. At one extreme, the studio can publicly announce a release date. Unless the movie is a slam dunk hit or sequel, this can be risky since another studio can place a bigger film on that date and force a public re-shuffling of the release strategy. More likely, a studio can send a trial balloon and see how “the town” reacts. Although studios cannot talk directly to each other about release dates (because of anti-trust law), they can float release plans to agents and even research companies that conduct tracking studies with consumers about interest in seeing upcoming movies. A complex information network about release schedules is thus created, and studios have large status boards in conference rooms to track what they hear or know about the competition. Movie titles are printed on small placards (think something larger than a 3 by 5 card), which can be moved from one part of the calendar on the wall to another. These release schedules can wrap around two or more walls of such a war room.

The Right Movie Grill Will Make You Love The Movies Even More

Over the course of the last century, we’ve seen the changes that have taken place in the movie theater industry. While some of these changes have been very subtle, some have absolutely revolutionized we watch movies, and at  123movie  the top of this list is the movie grill.

The movie grill seems to have sprung up out of nowhere about two decades ago. It seemed like a dream scenario where moviegoers would be greeted with nicer theater surroundings, as well as better food options, and in some cases, a nice, frosty adult beverage to go with their meal & movie. It was a shock to the system, and while many traditional movie lovers scoffed, others understood change was on the horizon, and they were all in.

Change in the movie industry is often not quick to take place. There is an inherent glitz and glamour to the industry as a whole, making movie theaters, by proxy, as glitzy & glamorous as the films they showed. However, after some time, moviegoers started seeing the cracks, literally & figuratively, which meant less customers paying what seemed like higher prices for a lackluster experience. Something had to change.

Movie grills were a direct response to the changing tide in low movie theater patronage. The moviegoer was not just a person enjoying a flick – they were a customer, a consumer, and their opinion mattered. As such, better seating started becoming the norm, the food & drink options were a little more upscale & adult, and even the movie you could watch looked & sounded better.

But is the movie grill important for loving movies as a whole? Without a doubt, the rise of the movie grill has been crucial to getting customers back into theater seats. It was a way for the industry to say, “Hey! We got it! You wanted something better, and here it is!” Since you don’t really have to spend too much time thinking about what’s wrong with the everything around you, it is much easier to get lost in the movie you’re watching.

The right movie grill can transform the movie-watching experience in such a way where it seems to morph into a place that caters to you and your loved ones. Considering some theaters actually allow for private event rentals, including specific menu requests, you can really have it your way! The right movie grill understands the communal aspect of watching a movie with others, and they create themed events that revolve around a particular cult movie or a decade because they want the fun back at the movies.

In the end, the right movie grill allows for the suspension of disbelief to take full-effect of you & the others watching a movie. You’re no longer just a bunch of people in a dark room watching a big screen with loud music & dialogue coming through the speakers. That’s what watching a movie, and enjoying the heck out of it, is all about.

How to Write a Movie Review?

In website content writing, writing movie reviews can be fun. We all love to watch movies and sometimes we want to know what other’s opinions are about a particular movie before deciding whether to watch the movie or not. Therefore article writing about a film you watched will help others to make a decision. Let’s discuss some movie 123  tips to write a good movie review.

All of us have diverse opinions about a film. Article writing a review gives you a way to express your opinion and also helps others to know about the same.

Before you start content writing about a movie, you need to watch it. You can either watch these movies online or rent a DVD or visit your nearest multiplex. There are many websites that allow streaming of movies online.

Once your movie is chosen, getting acquainted with the theme of the movie is very important. Go online and gather some information about the actors in the movie. Check out their previous and upcoming works, whether they have any awards to their name, do they expertise in a particular style of acting, etc. also in content writing, it is important to read about the movie that you have chosen. Read what the movie is all about, whether it is sequel or a remake, the rest of the cast and crew, etc. This information will help you to compare the performance of the cast and crew in the movie of your choice to their earlier work. This is important as it will provide more solidity to the article writing for your review.

You will automatically form an opinion about the movie once you have seen it completely. Try and frame one single sentence that will highlight your opinion about the movie. This sentence will help you give an overall rating to the movie and at the same time your readers will have an instant idea about your opinion. In content writing, such sentences form a solid platform for your review.

While content writing for a review one important aspect is to grab the attention of your reader instantly. This is applicable to any form of website content writing. Your readers must draw interest from what you have to say about anything. Regarding article writing for movie reviews, start your article with a quote from the movie itself. Then gradually explain to you reader how the quote is applicable to the rest of the movie.

Next step is to discuss about the movie in brief. While content writing a review, always give a vague outline about the movie and do not disclose the entire story. You will want to give a general idea to the readers about the movie and not write to make them refrain from watching the movie. If they need to know the entire story, they will have to watch it. Always keep this in mind while article writing for a movie.

You must back your opinion about the film with proofs. Explain exactly why according to you, the movie was a drag or a hit. Mention noteworthy scenes and at the same time those that you thought were unnecessary. While article writing about the movie, you must mention about the script of the movie giving your opinion whether it was a good or bad script.

You must make your review enjoyable. It does not matter whether you enjoyed the movie or not, your article writing for the movie must be engrossing. From the beginning to the end your review should be interesting and at the same time brief.

Lastly, be honest with your content writing. Your motive to write a review must be to let others know about your opinion and not to stop anyone from watching the movie.

So, write a good review! We will be helped a lot with honest and sincere opinions about movies.

If You Don’t Sports Betting Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Horse racing is a sport that has been around for many years and it has also become more exciting as horse race betting has become popular as well. Like any other sport, horse racing has become more interesting and exciting with betting, but you have to keep in mind though that there are states and places that may restrict or totally make it illegal. A quick look at a horse race betting guide and resource will help you identify if you are indeed allowed to get into this venture.

With your money at stake, it can indeed make the game more exciting and thrilling and allow you to anticipate more on the results of the game. Of course, you will always be looking for the horse, hoping for a win and that makes the sport more exciting. To help you in making money with this sport, it is important that you understand and know the terminologies used in horse betting. You may be 안전공원 wondering what is an Exacta, a Win or a Superfecta – of course, you can’t just put your money into something that you do not quite understand.

Before risking your money on horse race betting, you have to understand the different types of bets you can choose from. Keep in mind that the type of bet will also matter in making good money in horse racing. Simple bets may win you lesser than those high-risk, more complicated bets, thus get a good horse race betting guide to help you understand them before trying your luck on these bets. Here are the types of bets that you may want to choose from.

The Win bet is the simplest you can do in horse racing, as you will only place your bet on the horse that you think will cross the finish line first. If it does, you then get a payout.

The Place is another simple type of bet where you will be placing a bet on a horse that you think will finish the first or second place, while the Show bet is the one that you get payout if your chosen horse finishes first, second or third.

For the more advanced bets, you may choose from exacta, wherein you place your bet on two horses to get the first and second place to get a payout. Exacta box on the other hand allows you to place your bet on two horses that will place either first or second to be able to get a payout.

Trifecta is another more advanced type of bet that allows you to place your bet on three horses on an exact order you choose. You can also bet for three horses that can get the first, second and third place at any order and still collect your payout. Superfecta on the other hand, allows you to place your bet on four horses – and you can choose to play fours horses to finish at the exact order you predict or at any order from first to fourth. Aside from these, you can even place your bet on the winner of two consecutive races.

Indeed, there are different types of bets that will also give you different odds of winning, thus choosing from them wisely entails having a good horse race betting guide to help you make more wins than loses.

The Ultimate Guide To Click Funnel

What is a Funnel and How Do They Work?

When the word funnel is mentioned I usually visualize a car with the hood opened and an oil funnel in the picture. I’m not the only one, I know because a number of people have asked me to explain what a marketing funnel is. The subject gets many confused and a bit discouraged but it need not be so.

A marketing funnel is really very simple and some make it more complicated than it needs to be. Actually, the best and most successful funnels have only 3 steps and are very simple. The more steps that are added leave a better chance that the viewer will not finish the process designed to get them to a certain end result.

The end result, or goal, of the funnel, can be a number of things including a sale, an opt-in, a phone call, a sign-up, or lead. These are clickfunnels discount 55 off called conversions and are the end result of the funnel.

A website is a funnel even if someone doesn’t understand just what a marketing funnel is. Someone sets up their site with the intentions of drawing traffic to their site for a specific purpose, let’s say to purchase a product. They might see an advertisement ad on another site and click on it to get to the someone’s site. The visitor reads some of the website content and clicks to go to the next step or to make a purchase.

That’s typical of a sales funnel and sounds really simple, right? There are said to be over 2 billion viewers online and any website owner would love to get as much of that traffic coming to their site as possible.

Through various outreach campaigns on social media sites and forums, articles written, podcast, videos made, or a webinar, the site owner draws traffic into the funnel that travels through the website page and a percentage will click to proceed and the rest will move onto something else.

That is how simple a funnel is and as mentioned, the end result or goal can be to get an email address, get the visitor to click something, or to make a purchase, each is considered a conversion.

There are funnels that have more steps depending on what the design of the funnel is for the visitor but the fewer steps get better results.

How do they work?

Think of yourself as a tour guide leading visitors onto and through your website and leading them where you would like them to go and to do what you would like them to do. The site owner tries to direct them to click here or go there and see a great product that will enrich their lives in one way or another.

So website owners are like tour guides on their own websites and it’s best that they understand drawing viewers into a funnel, their website, and being a tour guide leading them to the goal, or point of conversion with every page.

Second Hand Clothes

If you love investing in second hand designer clothes and swapping or selling your second hand designer clothes, it is vital that you know how to care for them and repair them when necessary. In a rebellion against the rampant consumerism and fast fashion, many people are now opting to buy quality designer clothes and then swap or sell them for second hand designer clothes when they feel like a change.

The fast fashion approach over the last few years has seen a disappearance of care and repair of clothing. Instead people opt to through the clothes away and start again. A lay hang si nguyen kien quality piece of clothing is an investment and should be treated as one. It can provide you with years or wear and will have a superior cut and quality of fabric than a cheaper piece of clothing. It can also act as currency when looking to update your wardrobe and can be swapped at a swishing (clothes swapping) party or on a clothes swapping website.

A valuable and treasured piece of clothing should be stored very careful to help preserve it’s beauty and shape. Wooden coat hangers are the best for hanging clothes on, knitted and woollen items should neatly folded and stored with cedar wood balls to stop moths. Very delicate items should be folded and wrapped in acid free tissue paper. You should pay careful attention to washing and drying instructions on the labels of clothes to avoid damage or shrinkage. Bad stains should be tackled immediately and if unable to remove try taking to a dry cleaner o specialist clothes cleaning company.

Simple repairs like replacing buttons, sewing hems and sewing up small tears can be done straightaway. For more serious damage a seamstress may be able to use their expert skills to make your clothing look as good as new again. For second hand clothing that does not fit quite right, it is also well worth employing the services of a seamstress to make alternations and get that perfect fit.

This article was written by Ceri Heathcote for posh-swaps.com, a website for swapping, buying and selling second hand and vintage clothing.

mprove My Golf Game in Less Than a Week and You Can Too

One of my ultimate goals in life is to improve my golf game. I understand that I will probably never be anywhere near as good as Tiger Woods, but I study his techniques just the same. In addition, I am also student of golf statistics and I try to use that data to improve my golf game. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it winds up being worthless trivia.

Did you know that most of the best scratch golfers in the world miss an average of six greens in any one round? That’s one in 3, perhaps it’s just me, but those numbers don’t sound that great to me.

But here’s the important part, they still get around a golf course in par or better. So how are they doing it?

It’s terribly simple; all of them have great short games. Choices Hack The way they play their shots on, or just off the green are the real key to shooting great scores and lowering your crucial handicap. So, let’s get down to the basic question. What do I need to do to become a better golfer and get the ball in that hole in fewer shots?

The short game is what I need to work on to improve my golf game. But clearly, you cannot excel with a putter if don’t work at it regularly. In most cases, the quality of your putting will be the determining factor in your scores. I think you’ll agree that it is easier to hit the ball a few feet into the hole than it is to judge a shot that is 100 yards away.

If, like me you are saying to yourself, I’d like to improve my golf game, you need to focus on your short game. The old saying is “Drive for show – Putt for dough.” And if you study the game like I do, you realize that’s absolutely true.

Now I really like to give the ball a good whack at the tee as much as the next guy, but you probably realize that it doesn’t always get the job done. The short game needn’t be tricky, it just requires a little mental adjustment, some practice, and a little insider knowledge.

How to get out of debt if you have credit cards

As we said at the beginning, credit cards are an incredible financing tool if we know how to use them.

Then once you return the unnecessary cards that you have more, it is time to give intelligent use to the one you have. Here are some practical tips:


  1. Make all your purchases at a single fee, or failing that, pay your shopping within the first month. What this does is that you don’t pay interest, since they start running after the second one is.

In simple words, when you buy a single installment, you are borrowing money for free.

  1. The credit card quota is not an “extra money” with which you count once you run out of income. So do not buy things you do not have to pay for next month.

If you do, it means that you have not learned how to get out of debt and want to continue maintaining an expensive style with too expensive plastic money.

  1. To the extent possible, use the credit card to make costly purchases. When you get used to paying everything with your card, and you continue with the cash in your wallet, you get the impression that you have not spent almost so you feel you can relax.

The problem comes when the bill arrives at the end of the month, and you don’t have to pay.

  1. If you are using credit cards and you are not taking advantage of the benefits they offer; you are giving away your money in each driving fee.

From the points or miles, they offer and what you can redeem for trips, products, or experiences, even medical insurance, vehicle insurance, shopping, locksmiths, protection of your purchases, among many other benefits, your cards are more than just plastic.

  1. Last but not least, you know two important dates: The payment date and the cut-off date.

The first is the date until when you have the deadline to pay what you owe on your card. The cut-off date is until the day of the month that your credit card will be charged.

As well? If your cut-off date is the 15th day of each month, the purchases you make after this day will not arrive on the next invoice, but on the next one that follows.

For example: If your cut-off date is 15, and you decide to buy a TV on October 14, you must pay it in November.

Now, if you decide to buy it after your cut-off date, that is, from 16 onwards, you will not pay in November if not in December.

  1. Avoid late interest by paying on time:

You are already paying considerable attention for your debts, did you know that if you fall behind on the payment dates of your debts, the benefits are much more expensive?

This is known as the default interest rate and consists of a penalty for delaying paying your debts, regardless of whether they are credit card debts, mortgage debts, or free investment loans.

How is it possible to learn how to get out of debt if you’re not paying them on time?

You can place a reminder on your cell phone or calendar, or apply item number 6 on this list to learn how to get out of debt.

If you think that this kind of thing does not help you get out of debt quickly, just remember that if you forget to pay on time several times in the same year, what you will pay extra is equivalent to two or three more installments.

  1. Check wallet purchases:

Wallet purchases are an exciting alternative when it comes to learning how to get out of debt quickly.

Why? You may have several debts with different entities, banks, or intermediaries.

Then it consists of going to a bank or financial institution and asking if they are interested in grouping all your debt and that they buy your portfolio.

That is, they pay all your debts, and you agree to pay them for a specific interest rate.

This makes your life easier because you will not only be paying a single fee for all your debts but because you can negotiate the interest rate they are offering you and pay less than what you are currently doing.

The worst diligence is the one you don’t do. The first thing you should do before looking for purchase of your portfolio is to go to the bank and renegotiate your debt if they say no, you can proceed to other entities.

  1. Automate the payment of your debts:

how to get out of debt by automating payments

Many times we do not pay on time, we incur interest in arrears, or even report to risk centers not because we do not have what to pay, but because we forget to do so.

What better way to get out of debt fast and easy than automating the payment of the same?

The monthly payment of your credit card can be automated, the fee of the apartment and the car can be programmed in such a way that you receive a monthly notification every time the money is debited from your account.

However, you should continuously review your payments, the current balance of your debt, and the amount of money you are dedicating monthly to your mortgage.

Usually, the payment schedule has an end date, so you should continuously check so that you will not fail to meet your commitments.

  1. Stop being debt guarantor of your friends:

Do you know what happens when someone fails to pay their debt? The bank goes to its guarantors to be responsible for the payment.

Nobody doubts that you are a good friend and that you are the type of friendships that one should surround oneself, but please, look for another way to show your association that is not being someone else’s debt guarantor.

There have been many cases in which those you call friends to stop paying their debts, and they are not careful about the fact that it is you who has to go out and pay something you have never used or enjoyed.

  1. There are also good debts:

It is essential that you do not forget that there are good debts, those that we mentioned at the beginning of this article, and that can help you generate income.

They are debts that allow you to start, for example, a competitive franchise business, or invest in one of your projects to earn money online.

What is the difference between good debt and bad debt? That the first one generates enough income to cover its cost, that is, the interest rate, and leaves you a surplus.

While the second is used to buy items that do not generate extra income, and even represent a new expense since you must keep them.

For more information about debt settlement or payday loan debt settlement you can visit on online expert.